Lijiang Studio’s residency at Lashihai is in the town of Hainan, on the south end of Lashi lake. The residency is immediately adjacent to a local family’s house, to whom we are very closely connected. Because of this particular situation, we are interested in work that can be relevant both here and elsewhere.


Petra Johnson is curating A-lla-la-lei from May 2018 through summer 2019.


Lijiang Studio does not use an application, and our schedule varies. To inquire about working here, please get in touch with Jay and Frog.





Mara Goldman和Maxfield Gassman在作品《静电之书》中,调试自己组装的天线,接收着咳嗽声、丝丝念诵、絮语、唠叨和牢骚,断断续续的歌声、击鼓声、喷气式飞机的轰鸣声……随后我们才明白,他们是在玩信号干扰。

Annie Rollins探索皮影戏的可能,准备日后在“鬼城”里上演。


Rokko Juhasz和刘南茜组织了“只有时间留下影子”行为艺术遭遇群展。最终,参展艺术家行为的蛛丝马迹被封入“时间囊”,埋藏在地下。

人、物、地貌和对话,Madeline Finn把自己在工作室的遭遇画进了画里。









The Lashihai residency currently has 7 small double private bedrooms, with shared bathrooms. The residency has a shared kitchen and eating area, showers, etc. in several traditional family farmhouse dwellings. All meals are provided, as is wireless internet. 

The studio spaces are shared in parts of the farmhouses. There are various materials but not much special equipment. We do have bicycles. If you have specific questions about working needs, please get in touch.

Program Fees

Artists pay for their own airfare, internal transportation in China, appropriate insurance, production or project expenses. Lijiang Studio provides food, accommodation, and a certain amount of facilitation. The result tends to be that the studio and the artist are more or less equally invested in the project. Here is some more detail on practicalities.

STAFF/ Contact us:

Jay Brown, who is the founder, facilitator and director of the program, can be reached at  j a y b r o w n 7 7 at  m a c dot c o m

Frog Wing, artist and program manager at the studio, can be reached at  t he p a r h e l i a at g m a i l dot c o m// (CN) (+86)1-868-799-6401

He Hengguang (a.k.a. ErGe) is producer/ facilitator/ farmer, and can be reached at: (CN)(+86) 1-317-077-9572。和恒光 (二油)在丽江工作室当农民艺术家和制作人。

He Xuemei is facilitator, farmer, and cook. 和雪梅在丽江工作室当农民,妈妈,厨师。

Lijiang Studio, a not-for-profit cultural organization, is registered as the Lijiang Studio Foundation in Rhode Island, USA.