Phantom Limbs/ Dongba Phantom / by Frog Wing

Piotr Bockowski and Pan Daijing performed Phantom Limbs at the studio on July 16th, a Wednesday.


We invited villagers and HeXiudong (local Dongba shaman-priest) to attend. 

A few people took photo/video with their cell phones. 

     HeXiudong watching the performance intently. 

     HeXiudong watching the performance intently. 

General consensus afterwards: the performance was very good, intriguing, and quite scary. 

Some especially enjoyed recognizing familiar images in the video projections- for example, Xiangcu/ Protection God (Tibetan: "Garuda") appearing on anonymous figure's Samsung screen. 

A week later, villager YangYaoyin was seen to be passing cell phone video footage around the dinner table, sharing it with friends and family.



Overheard conversation: 

Spectator 1: Those who go to the Otherworld, don't regret it. 

Spectator 2: Hmm!

Spectator 1: Do you know what's in the Otherworld? 

Spectator 2: No!

Spectator 1: Then you must not want to die. If you knew, you'd want to die.


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