Fine Fine Small Mountain getting started / by Jay Brown

Naima Fine and Miranda Hill, working as Fine Fine Small Mountain, are at Lashihai, absorbing, processing, and making. These are the projects they have initiated at the studio:

  1. A composed suite of 6 sound portraits – one of each of the 6 He family members (our hosts), inspired by their personalities and appearances; and portraits of them by former visual arts residents at the studio.
  2. An aural recipe "book" of Naxi recipes, in Naxi, Chinese and English languages. The "book" will feature step-by-step descriptions of local recipes accompanied by the sounds of the recipes being prepared. Available for download.
  3. Create a graphic score based on the silhouette of the mountains surrounding our village, and a developed visual representation of the tonal qualities of Chinese and Naxi language telling stories about these mountains;
  4. Create a mechanical "percussion machine" onsite installation at LiJiang Studio predominately using found rubbish;
  5. Compose music a) interpreting sounds of wild animals and farming in the local landscape; and b) using ecological data as direct notational input (data examines potential indicators of climate change, collected from a nearby transect by a team from Kunming Institute of Botany).