wumu improv concert / by Jay Brown

Part of the fun of our trip to Wumu was bringing a certain double bass and a certain cello - along with their players, ahem, Miranda Hill and Crystal Pascucci. Jay had in mind playing unscheduled, somewhat intimate somewhat random "musical offerings" on Wumu's steep, narrow, and poopy streets, but with the rain dragon and the wind goddess at play, there was enough going on in town already. This left us on our last night an opportunity to play at the Cultural Center in Wumu, which is quite a special public resource currently administered by our host He Jixian, the community minded autodidact dongba researcher from Wumu.

Here's a quote and recording from Miranda Hill on the evening:

"We did a concert on our final night there, of mostly improvised music. After we’d finished playing, we asked if anyone else wanted to perform, and people just started standing up and singing songs. Naxi songs, songs from school, recitations. It was quite amazing. Here is our final improv for the night, based off the Naxi song that I’ve been playing with."