Lijiang Studio INDEX / by Frog Wing

If you're in New York around this time, come and attend one of the workshop events or musical performances*:

  • September 20th: (3-5pm) Sarah Lewison's Pickle-making Workshop 
  • September 20th: (6-9pm) Opening Party: Performances + experiments (Crystal Pascucci, Bill Solomon, Matt Sargent, Wu Zhimi)
  • September 22/ 23/ 24th (10am-10pm): Open hours + Music rehearsals (Crystal Pascucci, Bill Solomon, Matt Sargent, Mark Clifford)
  • September 27th: (3-5pm) MOON FESTIVAL- Sarah Lewison's Seed-bomb Workshop; eat Pickles
  • September 27th: (6-9pm) MOON FESTIVAL- Performances + experiments (Crystal Pascucci, Bill Solomon, Matt Sargent, Mark Clifford, Ryan Ross Smith, Wu Zhimi)
  • October 3rd: City Bird Gallery/ Lijiang Studio INDEX- Closing Party (Ernesto Salmeron, Ricardo Gallo)

*Week-long continuous metabolism with Ernesto Salmeron

Apologies that we couldn't include everyone from the last 10 years into this one show- We had to narrow down our choices of indices to fit the limited amount of space- but all past residents will have their name listed in a scroll piece that will be part of the collection on display...

Please stop by, say hi, and join the reunion- we would love to see you! 

City Bird Gallery

191 Henry St.

New York, NY 10002

September 20- October 3, 2015

with work and performances by: 

Alfred Banze // Bill Solomon // Christine Falk // Crystal Pascucci // Dan Talbot // Emi Uemura // Emily Bates // Eric Van Hove // Ernesto Salmeron // Frog Wing // He Jixing // He Zhengkun // He Xiudong // Jay Brown // Josh Sinton // Li Jianhong // Li Lisha // Matt Sargent // Mark Clifford // Mu Yunbai // Naima Fine // Na Yingyu // Ricardo Gallo // Ryan Ross Smith // Samantha Silver // Sarah Lewison // Saskia Janssen// Sylvia Winkler // Stephan Köperl // Viccy Adams // Wu Zhimi // Yasuhiro Morinaga

Show statement and artist bios: here