Spectrum file 15 - 森永 泰弘 Yasuhiro Morinaga / by Jay Brown

Yasuhiro Morinaga continues to develop material from Lijiang, invited to show a video of the making of the recording of He Xiudong released last year:

今回展示されている中国雲南での調査を経て制作された映像作品「Forgotten Kingdom – Dongba Shaman in Lijiang」は、森永が現地に約5ヶ月間滞在し、地元の方々の信頼を得てはじめて撮影し得た貴重な映像です。

Artists have always cut freely across different areas and disciplines to give us fresh surprises and joy.
Yasuhiro Morinaga is an artist working freely across several different fields—design and art, visual experiences and auditory experiences, ethnology and anthropology, field surveys and cutting-edge technology—with recording as his linchpin.
His work roams far and wide as a matter of course, from collaborations with choreographers and visual artists to sound design for international films and field world on folk music and rites around Asia.
His exhibit is “Forgotten Kingdom – Dongba Shaman in Lijiang,” a video work created after fieldwork in the Yunnan province of China. Morinaga spent around five months in the region, gaining the trust of the locals to film this precious footage for the first time.
Respecting each other’s culture and fostering connections in culture and the arts is extremely important as we continue to live in this global age. By interpreting the word “spectrum” not only as something that shows static boundaries between domains but also as activity that connects individuals, countries and regions, and various separate territories, we can perhaps see its numerous latent possibilities.