Human Body Energy Clock / by Frog Wing

We're halfway through Spring 2016 session.

Jiacheng Chen (Nanjing, China) was here for the month of March, gathering info + digital footage on Dongba culture as preparation for a short film. Annie Rollins (USA) and Yung Chang (Canada) departed only a few days ago, after two weeks of script-writing and shadow-puppetry experiments. 

Right now we have: Max and Mara (USA/ Germany) analyzing I-Ching, building radios + antennas, and making "The Book of Static" over in the New House; Juniper and Matt (USA) collaborating on a virtual-reality gallery/ headset viewing-experience; Hiromi Ueyoshi (USA) painting a zodiac mural; Musical duo Jim L. & Jim "Leo" W. (Taiwan) arrived on Tuesday and have begun surveying general "jammability" of all musical instruments that can be found in nearby vicinity of studio. Frog Wing's Dongba studies continue: coloring The Road to Heaven (II), Lady Dongba Crown, 13 Goddess Cards, and drawing various Tibetan/ Dongba deities.

This is the Human Body Energy Clock (a.k.a. Meridian Clock, Horary Clock): a diagram charting optimal functioning times for different parts of the human body. I found this particular image on this internet somewhere- I can't remember where (original source: but anyways, you can find lots of different versions of this chart through Google. Dongba medicine applies these TCM philosophies too. Lately, at the studio, we have been taking these theories into consideration as we go about our day-to-day tasks. If you have any thoughts, share with us in comments section!