#slowtrain zines by D. F. Wing / by Jay Brown

This autumn Frog (D.F. Wing) finished making analog versions of the #slowtrainresidency project with China Residencies; these have been compiled as a zine titled #Slowtrain: from Mongolia to Yunnan. We have a color copy and some black-and-white copies at our library in the studio, for anyone who might be interested.

#Slowtrain is the second zine produced by SunDogs Studio, the experimental mobile studio and micro press hosted by Frog as she works while traveling.

From Frog’s website (www.theparhelia.com):
”The #Slowtrain sketchbook, IG posts, and #slowtrain zines were created as part of my virtual residency project with @china_residencies. In October 2017, I set out, once again, to learn about the cultural and historical connections between the Mongolian nation and the Naxi ethnic peoples. Riding old trains from the border of Mongolia (Zamiin-Uud township) to the heart of the Naxi in Lijiang, Yunnan, I took notes and made drawings while roughly following the path that Kublai Khan’s troops would have taken in the 13th century, on their quest to conquer the known world. “

(photos: from @china_residencies)