HeWenzhao and the Qilin Dance / by Frog Wing

On August 11th, HeWenzhao had the formal Opening Event for his studio down in Sima Village, beneath the highway. We took a group photo after he unveiled his new official signage by the front door. He invited friends, family, neighbors, artists, researchers, performers, Buddhist Lamas, Dongbas, and local Christian organizations too. Even Mr. Xuanke of the Old Town Naxi Orchestra made an appearance during lunch. The day's programming featured various speakers, Naxi songs, a Buddhist blessing, Dongba-inspired dance choreography, and a Qilin Dance around sunset, performed by Jixiang Village. 

It's also Erge's birthday (the 12th)! And we've just welcomed our next round of artists to begin Petra's 3rd session of the year. Busy start to the season. 

On a a related note: Qilin Dance is getting a lot of attention this year! 

He Zhao's film studio attended HeWenzhao's event too, and now they feel inspired to film a full-length documentary on the Qilin Dance Revival. They've already stopped by Lijiang Studio to gather interviews, and now are looking to gather video footage on how the costumes and props are made. Teacher Su also visited last week, to conduct a costumed photoshoot down by the lake. I (Frog) am currently working on a Qilin Dance book and hope to have to done within a month's time- before the end of October. It's probably good for this various media coverage to happen simultaneously, we can cover the same phenomena from many different angles... HeJixing hopes it might uncover new paths. 

More updates when these projects come to fruition!