Christine Falk

Life Paths under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

"In 2006 Christine Falk developed a photo project with children from the village of Jixing, where Lijiang Studio is. She asked the children to tell about their life with an analogue photo camera and a 12 picture film. Christine Falk introduced herself with a photo series about her home, explained the simple camera and portrayed the child with the first photo. Afterwards, the children photographed their life environment spontaneously and without steering from outside. There were 18 photos series of life in Jixing, which talk of a rich, happy childhood. 

Since then, 11 years have passed. The children have become young adults. In 2017, Christine Falk returned to revive this project. She looked for the 18 children from 2006. With the help from He Jixing, the elderly son of the neighbors, who knows all village kids she found them all. Dava Frog Wing helped and joined the meetings, asked the young adults for a new photo series and translated all interactions and interviews. It was an interesting research about changes and movements in the village. In addition to the photo series interviews and a video were made."


"There was a second idea to come to Lijiang Studio: Christine Falk wanted to meet and collaborate with Dava Frog Wing, to accompany her on her way as a Dongba student and document this. In conversations, joint works and video recordings, the video „Shaman?" was created, which talks of the linking of her artistic intentions and biographical facts which pushed her to become a Dongba apprentice."

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