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Ginger Beer 姜汁"啤酒"

Mr. Sandor Katz of Wild Fermentation took over my brain for a while (beginning when I first read the title as "Wild Feminist Action"!). I am simply surprised by the selection of drinks in Lashihai; Baijiu, Yunnan Pee beer, Orange tasted juices or Pop. This summer I was making ginger beer and adding it to the Beijing pee beer = smooth and punchy, so wanted to keep this tradition going. First bottle of ginger beer (20L) was made under the sun and drunken almost entirely by the Hokkaido New Farmers and Jay B, the only lashihai local who enjoyed it was He Jixing; the hope of ginger beer at Lashihai. "how was the taste?" I asked to him. "I will answer after I have drunk 2 cups". Now the second bottle was made by Jixing and today he took some to school.


  • lots of fresh gingerroot
  • a certain amount of red sugar
  • lots of limes from 忠义市场

Start the ginger bug by mixing small amounts of grated ginger and sugar in water. Stir well and leave in a warm spot, covered with cheesecloth to allow air circulation while keeping flies out. Keep adding the ginger and sugar and water every day or two until the bug starts bubbling.

When you're ready to make the beer, boil water, add more grated gingerroot for flavor. Boil about 15 minutes, cool.

Then when that water has cooled, strain the ginger out and add lime juice, strained ginger bug, and sugar. If you want to make more later, reserve some of the active bug as a starter, replenishing it with additional water, grated ginger, sugar.

Recipe from Sandor Katz, Wild Fermentation. See also The Mad Fermentationist and A Life Unprocessed.






菜谱出自Sandor Katz所著的Wild Fermentation一书, 和The Mad Fermentationist, 和A Life Unprocessed.


 "tibetan" hot sauce journey  “西藏”辣椒酱

Tomato-Onion-Lime. It is called Tibetan hot sauce. Probably many additional snaps to it by whoever carries it around to become this recipe. Lama Ugyen Shenpen was the translator for the Buddhist community in 70's Boulder, Colorado when Norris was also living there. Lama Ugyen also taught Tibetan cuisine, and this hot sauce was one of well received tastes by the young buddhi food lover. 30 years later Norris is in Lashihai, close to where this sauce originated. One day, Norris was inspired by many hot and spicy surroundings, started to make it in front of hot sauce professionals; Xuemei and Zhou Xinye yeye who is so excited about hot sauce that can talk non-stop about it from morning to the dark and repeat many times without thinking of audience. Zhou Xinye yeye is ping-pong champion of Lijiang Studio and great at Taichi. 

ingredients: 原料:

  • onion 洋葱
  • garlic 大蒜
  • ginger 生姜
  • chili flakes 辣椒
  • coriander 香菜
  • lemon or lime juice 柠檬或青柠汁
  • star anise 八角
  • cumin 孜然
  • oil 油
  • salt 盐
  • tomatoes 西红柿

Chop onion, garlic ginger, then mix with chili flakes, star anise, salt and cumin powder.

Heat the vegetable oil, add into mixture....(hell boiling). Then add chopped coriander and squeezed lime juice. Today we ate it with the hell yum piggy broth noodles.




 Dark Cabbage Pickles in dark pot

Sun here is extremely strong. Round to square, all cushions in the house are out taking a break from their roles. These must have been hidden in the dark corner of the house, are surprisingly colorful, and stained some parts, made with nice old silk fabrics. Grandma was sitting next to this cushion camp and massaging some vegetables. This pickle is always at the table with rice noodles 米线, and sometimes fried together with thin sliced potatoes.

Dark cabbage was picked and each leaf was dried for a day. Then chopped into strips, and a carrot also became strips. Chili pepper, salt, baijiu, a bit of red sugar and those veggies are mixed well and massaged for a while with hands, producing lactic acid. Lady's hands produce more lactic acid. Setsuo said this when he tried to gather ladies at his pickle party. Put mixture into the brown pot, let it sit under the sun for a week or two, then put it in a dark spot. 


Mock Miso

Miso tasting: 5 non-locals loved 2nd left miso from Mai (hokkaido new farmer) who made 2 years ago in Hokkaido. 2 locals loved right dark miso with chili and stinks made from local grand ma. 2 locals disliked the taste of Rice wine starter which I made but non locals thought it was okay. There is a border of taste between us. When I was invited  meals for many houses during the pig killing season, I noticed some uses MSG, bought sauces for own pig meat and intestine with fresh garden vegetables and wondering where is the homemade sauce? At the market in Lijiang, there are many different kind of soy bean paste sold meaning it exists local soybean fermentation. So I wanted to make new tradition of making Miso for Naxi diet, just because I know how to. But there is no koji culture so I used local rice wine culture instead....so mock miso. 

Experiment 1: you steam rice and cool it down to the body temperature, then add rice wine culture, mix well and wrap them and put under the plastic dorm to keep moist, let it sit under the sun for half a day, then under the blanket and heater (30°) for over night. Sniff 24h later, small changes on the surface-growing something.