petra johnson

walk with me

Lijiang Studio is currently hosting Petra Johnson (UK/GER) as an artist in resident, returning to Lijiang Studio after eleven years.

Petra and Jay invite you to join either of us for one to one 20 minute walks in the neighborhood of Lao He’s home, who has been hosting Lijiang Studio since 2005.

Our conversation as we walk along a chosen cardinal direction will reflect on the ‘now’ – the very present – as it emerges during our walk. Whilst walking we seek to capture a specific sensation, a moment of feeling out of place, a moment that might be lying in wait within us or is waiting on route to meet us.

This query aims to underscore the phenomenon of a blind field coming into view, a singular instance when things are animated and/or the over and done with comes alive and shadows shine brightly.

The location and time of the sensation will be recorded and inform a map that illustrates a geography of the beauty of our pain.